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 "January" Preschool Projects -  Snowman Theme Activity Page (s) for preschool children - Count how many buttons on the snowman's belly. Circle the correct number of buttons on the snowman's belly, draw a snowman.   Number  Recognition, following instructions, plus art.  This is just one of our monthly activity pages for preschool children-  Click here for more lessons.

January Preschool Projects & Activity Pages for Preschoolers

Count how many buttons on the snowman's belly, write how many__________.

                                                                            Draw a snowman in the square below.  Color it with your crayons. 













Draw a snowman

 The snowman says:

Brr! It's cold ... Please, put a hat on me and  a scarf! I need a carrot for a nose and coal for buttons. Oh, don't forget sticks for my arms. Color my hat, nose, and scarf when you are done drawing me.

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